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tv   [untitled]    March 28, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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nato moves to assume. that the. coalition already killed nearly one hundred civilians some members of the alliance are facing criticism of their. fresh strike as the country struggles to bury. its nuclear plant.
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this is. welcome to the program. now nato is preparing to take full command from the u.s. in the operation to enforce a no fly zone over libya the bombing campaign is helping rebels in their move towards the capital tripoli now in the last few days they've managed to recapture some key oil town in the east in a rapid advance along the coast line reports suggest it could offer his home town sort of hers and now it fall into the hands of anti government fighters with clashes continuing in the western city of misrata coalition air strikes against targets in tripoli also resumed overnight and very soon will be crossing live to the libyan capital to get the latest from our correspondent paula slit we'll be checking with her little bit later this hour right here on r.t. . but with the u.s.
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being the military and economic backbone of nato experts say it will be hard for washington to play down its activity in libya author and journalist afshin a fancy says the alliance is expanded role in the operation does not mean that the us is no longer in charge. they say it's a nato operation turkey is expressing a lot of reservations and as to whether it's gone too far i think we can bet that there are already s.a.'s and other forces on the ground and as for a nato which is somehow european compared to u.s. led in terms of this mission i think it's absurd the united states of course is still behind it even though robert gates and so on had a lot of reservations about it there were five abstentions for un resolution one hundred seventy three and would have to the african union just not care about them because they unanimously didn't want what is going on now as for the arab league a very very iffy support for this although for them it could be a win win as well you wouldn't see any tunisian or egyptian help for this nature
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operate at all i think that that question needs to be answered by all these nato leaders why do you think it is here in egypt are not involved because they see a great danger of western powers trying to get involved with this oil rich nation i'm sure that there are people on the ground in the coalition from western agencies already planning the future and what the future government will be i fear it won't be got a democracy that we saw in the natural revolutions as it were in tunis here in egypt. and that was author journalist after he returns he's become rather well we've got his policy on the line let's cross live to tripoli and get the latest on what's going there right now paula we've been hearing reports of rebels are retaking certain strongholds solenoid towns apparently another night of action in libya tell us how far west of the rebels reached at this point what from what we're hearing and i must say it's quite
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a surprise to people here in tripoli is that the rebels have actually reached the city of set this is the stronghold of the libyan leader moammar gadhafi it is his hometown it's about half way between the rebel held east and the gadhafi held west of this country it was widely expected there into the systems that he would mind that he would encounter a lot of resistance to what from what we're hearing he's encountered little to no resistance there libyan soldiers have simply been abandoning their vehicles and retreating as i say we haven't been able to independently verify this but no doubt it sirte is now in that hands of the rebels the march to tripoli which has been the threat from the opposition leaders will skyrocket it is only since friday there was almost like mean speed to these rebels have been advancing west which so stay with the town of one hundred sixty kilometers to the east of benghazi even ghazi of course has been a stronghold from where they moved on to the town of brega which is a strategic oil important town from there the port city of ras lanuf and then late on sending we know that there were in bin jawad and then from there to set all of
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these are towns that are also she well facilities at the same time the fighting continues in the city of misrata in the west it's one of two towns in the east there rebels have tried to take control away from these men they were if strikes there overnight according to a libyan spokesperson here in the capital tripoli mr ibrahim who said he said three civilians were killed in an airstrike they were at a fishing base not far away he also says that a peace convoy would sit off from tripoli we actually saw it leaving with the ultimate destination of lodging being guarded he says and there came under fire. in bin jawad and i twenty nine people on board were wounded overnight you also heard explosions here in the capital city tripoli we understand that there were at least nine now anderson fire as well as anti-aircraft fire the coalition as i say also striking search for the first time. so interesting about how are the rebel fighters are securing some of the northern coast towns these key oil town interesting that
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the rebel fighters have allegedly now again the stronghold of sirte and that's khadafi is hometown that certainly must serve as a potentially personal emotional blow to the libyan leader there now we're now if i was about to take charge of the whole operation in libya talk to us how is that likely to change the situation if at all. well i must say that by and large people on the ground are very surprised with just how much speed these rebels are advancing waste words towards tripoli so the change of command in terms of the international operation with time seemed seemingly less important we did hear rebel leaders in the early days of those discussions of nato actually taking command expressing some kind of concern the concern really was that if you had a whole host of countries now calling the shots it will be that much harder to actually implement action on the ground we do know as you say that nato had said it will take full control of military operations here in libya this will not be with immediate effect it's a meeting that is taking place want to stay in london we understand that after
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their meeting the command of nato will actually be in force but we are hearing from the nato secretary general that they were well in force all of the at specs of the u.n. resolution one thousand nine hundred three and he said nothing more nothing less they haven't also given any timeline in terms of how long as action will continue the same word coming out of washington so we are here again very uncertain could this be an operation and will continue for weeks will continue for months and will continue for much longer it's also not clear from this nato meeting at least not now what are the exact rules of engagement that we are likely and he produced a state that come tuesday it will hear more details and more clarification on those kind of issues and the politics we heard some american military defense officials here meeting at the kremlin with with the russian officials saying that in a few days will be scaling back the operations in libya and you know we hear reports inside nato that it could be at least three months of continued military operations there is promising i live in the libyan capital thank you rather reasons
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behind the intervention in libya are constantly being question critics say it's strange that libya is being targeted in particular when there are several other violent uprisings in the arab world r.t. is daniel bushell reports now on what else could be motivating the western powers. coalition leaders claim they are just in forcing the no fly zone over libya but have been engaged in widespread and heavy attacks on colonel gadhafi as ground forces and buildings and targets linked to his regime so what are the real motives for france the u.k. and u.s. leading the attack on libya some say it's pure vengeance but they're certainly settling accounts and taking revenge turkey says it's disturbed by france's eagerness to invade but experts believe ankara shouldn't be surprised to death he's accused of ordering the bombing of u.t.a. flight seven seven two which killed fifty four french men and women in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine a u.k. court found that gadhafi agents the year before planned the bombing of pan am
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flight one hundred three over lockerbie which killed forty three british and one hundred eighty nine u.s. citizens he blew up his intelligence agency did a terrorist bomb very similar to the lockerbie bomber in the u.k. it was called flight seventy two and it blew up of an asia with the loss of everyone on board so i would argue that there's an element of revenge a very strong element of revenge that more recently could effie's hurt french commercial interests. he find french will for towel have a billion dollars he also bought russian fighter planes instead of french or fell jets. but now coalition bombs are reported to be killing libyan civilians. the worst is resorting to heavy bombing and civilian casualties are of no concern. that could increase regional hatred towards the west after.
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be. resistance from. critics say the western led military alliance is simply taking one side in what's an internal civil war where rebels seek to overthrow an internationally recognized government western forces should be prosecuted not just for civilian deaths but also for killing libyan conscripts i don't know why. people are. so. when. you see i mean. when they have the army as nato chiefs arrive to plan the next stage of the bombardment of libya there are growing calls for them to be held accountable for what they describe in war speak as collateral damage but which in real language means the death of innocent civilians the coalition no admits it's haunting gadhafi
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the original reason was only to impose a no fly zone the trouble is the more civilian deaths their bombing causes the more they risk being accused of the same crimes as gadhafi himself then you see crossing . all our extensive coverage will help to keep you up to date with all developments in libya twenty four hours a day you can check out the regular updates from our correspondents who are on the ground do so via twitter stream and our facebook page you'll also find all the latest videos on. you tube channel. it's.
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to use the military contributor things that nato has a changing role in libya sure to pave the way for a less us dependent alliance. and challenge is the who wake up call and opportunity for a bamma for a totally new grand bargain between the united states and its and they have seen european nato allies the united states commander in chief and the american president has a unique opportunity to rid validate the military and security arrangements between the united states and western europe and finally lead the nato to take full responsibility and regain the full sovereignty from the american security and military and well that could be a bit on one and only a positive feature of the unfolding drama in libya right now.
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coming up in just a few hours here on oxy cross talks people i discussed this cus whether the west is afraid of democracy in north africa it's a quick preview of what's coming your way. look at this it would have been much better if the international community as a region and the others intervened earlier on when political interventions could have been effective probably more effective and less costly in human lives and in material destruction than this but they did it nobody did it would have been better if the united states had stayed out of this to begin with we're the ones that have been propping up these leaders we have given millions of dollars to moammar gadhafi . that as you know. does that mean we cannot to start doing their eyes sitting. around we beat up the law decided then we beat on you know what i don't know but now we have dealt for it you need to do something very different and this
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is not about western intervention this is going to infuriate people you know going to the. fact this is not a bad day united states. well you with our live from moscow and another strong earthquake off the coast of japan has rocked the already devastated country although a tsunami warning that was issued following the new quake has since been cancelled the destructive nine magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami which struck the country three weeks ago a whole region is now estimated to have killed over ten thousand workers are still battling to contain radiation leak or nuclear plants severely damaged by the tragedy japan's nuclear agency says that levels of radioactive iodine in the sea near the plant have risen to almost two thousand times the usual level and as that crisis looms many are still struggling with the loss of loved ones as. reports
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officials are being forced to come up with new ways to cope with the overwhelming number of dead. instead of a property. a mass grave the japanese always cremate their dead but where the crematorium is at full capacity. has been turned into a merge and see graveyards not only will these people be buried in contravention to japanese tradition but when there is an opportunity they'll have to be exuma and they need their cremated instead of a priest a town official conducts an impromptu ceremony is only just devised. this is horrible we're just trying to bring these people closure as best as we care. is a traditional fishing town after being struck by the earthquake and tsunami it was then ravaged by fires that lasted a day. at least five hundred dead in the biting when family members get just
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a few minutes before construction workers bury the coffins. for the crematorium to be able to process these bodies probably several years. many of the relatives have themselves lost houses as well as their loved ones. in this what is going on with other things for two weeks we search for my cousin and now at least we know what happened to her meanwhile soldiers raked through the remains of the untouched since the disaster they say there may still be hundreds of bodies below the rubble. of. japan. or the nuclear crisis in japan has put investors on edge heavily influencing its stock market and business in general. and tell us more about that and she joins us from the ask you are high on tell us how the stocks doing today at this point yes you are very far from perfect situation and their plan has directly affected the trading session
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today the asian markets started mixed in early trading on monday however at the moment all of them are trading in the red with japan's nikkei losing around one point. six percent meanwhile said that foreigners and short term investors may still be engaging dividend day buying as well as did buy but domestic investors in japan in japan have all probably already closed their positions ahead of the and of the fiscal year in march well know that the situation on the nuclear plant still remain still remains the main function for the markets. we are hearing there is some good news there was the country since reconstruction yes yes that's absolutely right base metal market is expected to enjoy the rise as it is being supported by the prospect of rebalanced demand for the future reconstruction of japan and that will definitely have a positive impact on russian producers and metal stocks were among the leaders on the russian market last week and we just have to wait and see what the future holds
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for you know we'll be seeing you very soon on the part of your business bulletin and what about what five or six minutes from now susan. we're updating you around the clock on what's happening in japan right now also at r.t. dot com you can trace back the events as the earthquake for the author of all that we look into the radiation worries from the fukushima reactors as nuclear experts explain the danger levels to both health and the environment. for japan's economy has been crippled by the disaster and will take years to recover but the human cost of the tragedy is much harder to calculate we have a survivor stories online waiting for you at r.t. dot com.
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the thirsty beat the beat. and culture. are still. what's going on in the. world. from a. it's now at twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow you with r.t. let's get to some other world news making headlines now in syria twelve people were killed over the weekend during anti-government rallies in the key port city of. the
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government blames unidentified gunman shooting from the rooftops deployed troops dozens of died in a week of demonstrations are going to president bashar assad to who's facing the deepest crisis of his eleven years in power he's expected to address the nation in the coming days. german chancellor angela merkel's ruling party looks set for a humiliating defeat in a key regional election exit polls indicate the christian democrats are about to lose in version. six decades of conservatives being in power that it follows a widespread opposition to merkel's utahans on a nuclear power decisions on libya and the euro. italian prime minister is due to appear in court over corruption charges silvio berlusconi is facing a trial linked to one of his media companies he's accused of inflating the price paid to buy television rights and then using the difference to fund political activities the pm is facing
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a total of four trials including one for allegedly paying for sex with an underage prostitute and abusing his power he denies all of the charges. and that more than a dozen homes were evacuated when a freight train carrying potentially hazardous materials. in canada up to twenty five cars were reportedly forced off the tracks causing a fire which has since been brought under control also damaged was a gas pipeline next to the mine no injuries were reported in the area which is mainly farmland. all right now it's time to cross over to the business desk. thanks very low and welcome to all of his business update it's great to have you with its compare and aluminum have enjoyed a strong run over the last few weeks of lining in the line with broader industrial commodities the markets are being supported by the prospect of revised demand being
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given a further lived by the future reconstruction of japan and barrie barclays capital investment bank says demand is likely to grow in the second half of the year. the reconstruction work that will be needed in japan is certainly going to be a boost for industrial commodities and and for that these metals i think to begin with what we'll see is a base of a of a dip in demand because of the disruptions to my new factory to beauty within japan itself but after that i think is paralyzed or rebuilt. and rebuilt you then see and the crease probably starting sometime in the second half of this year i'm going to into two thousand and twelve i think reason in demand for things like call for. and lead demand that actually will probably benefit straight away because you need to lead for batteries and things like
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backup diesel generators and so on. let's have a look at the markets now starting with asia the nikkei is concerned about the crippled nuclear plant in japan the main big key focus for investors tokyo electric power company nosedived fifteen percent after it became clear that the weekend that the country faces apart trying to struggle to bring the company's quake stricken nuclear plant under control and polls health plan as well. in morning gains that is around zero point seven percent down and the monument. here in russia markets start trading in a couple of hours by the r.t.s. in the my six closed zero point six to seven percent on friday with banking and metal company stocks among the needed. despite a further complication to their b.p. and ten k. b.p. situation shaz of the companies involved are actually expected to do well so they had an international equity sales that year off that capital and. we believe the
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d.p. team keep. going to do nicely as the market would be convinced that. would be hubs denies deal with. which would benefit minorities as well as b.p. involvement we believe that has been really on the dog for quite a while also would be from the rest of those but the banks like the stillness would probably lead the way as we saw last week we don't expect any major negative corrections in russia only something terrible happens. panasonic has been one of the many companies made by the earthquake in japan all the factories are operating supply chains have been disrupted and we as the general director of panasonic russia whether they could be shortages of products. is coming from japan or china or asia and but. looking at the market size of russia
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we saw asking japan to study production that is. not to decide a company too but i think it is in this. and that's all the business news for now about next hour with more and of course can always find all our latest updates at home.
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